Sponsor a Horse

NSCD Sponsor-A-Horse Program

Consider sponsoring one of the therapy horses through the Sponsor-A-Horse program.

The cost of maintaining a special therapy horse is approximately $175.00 per month. Costs may include boarding, feed, farrier and veterinary costs.

The Sponsor-A-Horse program gives corporations, groups and individuals the opportunity to support the “backbone” of our therapeutic riding program – the horses.

Please contact the NSCD if you would like to sponsor a horse or if you have any questions.

Chestnut: Chestnut is the head of the herd and was born in 1994! He’s been with the NSCD herd since 2015 and loves to take his riders out on the trail. He’s a mustang and used to be a US Forest Service horse so he knows his way around the woods to say the least!


Cassie: Cassie is the queen of the herd and loves to greet all of her riders right when they step on property. She is a Missouri fox trotter and was born in 2000. She’s been with NSCD since 2016 and loves to play the duckie game in the arena!


Yogi: Yogi is a crowd favorite and is always up for a ride! He was born in 1995 and has always been a kind, sweet, and gentle guy. He loves to go over the clip clop bridge with his riders and his favorite time of the day is most certainly treat time.


Touch: Touch is one of the sweetest mares you’ll ever meet! She used to be a barrel racer but now loves her laid back lifestyle with NSCD. She was born in 1994 and her favorite arena game is red light/green light.