Virtual Programming

Practice physical distancing while staying active!

The NSCD is providing programming through the form of both on-demand and live video formats! All on-demand programming is shared on our Youtube, social media pages and listed below, while our live streaming programs will all be on Zoom. Our Virtual Live Programming will be a series of programs designed to interact with participants in real time while also staying active and entertained.

Live Stream Programming:

Get Moving!
Adventure Crafts
Veteran Programs
Zone Workouts
NSCD Olympics
Hanging with the Herd

On-Demand Programming:

Adaptive Workouts
Tech Talks
Other Activities
Environmental Outreach
Soothing Sounds, Mindfulness and Meditation
Science Experiments

Interested in a custom group reservation? The NSCD Program Team can any of the offered live stream or on-demand programming to your group. If you are interested in participating in a program or activity not listed above, please allow the NSCD Program Team at least one week to prepare and schedule.

To reserve your custom group please contact our reservation team at [email protected]

Virtual LIVE Programming Through Zoom

Get Moving!

Interactive games and activities to encourage people to get up and moving! We will start with a light warm up (very basic stretching) and go into an activity like simon says or a dance party. At the end we will do more light stretching and breathing exercises to (hopefully) calm down after getting some energy out. Geared towards younger ages, physical and cognitive.

Dates: Every Monday, | 1:00pm – 2:00pm MST
Price: Free!

  • June 22nd – Let’s Play Charades & Simon Says! After a light warm up we will break into teams for charades then join back as one group for Simon Says!
    • Materials needed: Workout clothes and a water bottle.
  • June 29th – Details coming soon!
  • July 6th – Details coming soon!
  • July 13th – Move like animals! Join us for a fun filled hour to get up and get moving like your favorite animal.
  • July 20th – Details coming soon!
  • July 27th – Details coming soon!


Adventure Crafts

NSCD staff will pre-record a short hike in their respective areas and find materials for crafts such as leafs, pine cones, and rocks. Participants are encouraged to take a walk and find thier materials before the zoom call as well. We will then use our found supplies to make a craft!

Required materials: tape, paint, outdoor objects, glue, scissors, and string. Specific materials will be sent out prior to each activity.

Dates: Every Tuesday, | 10:00am – 11:00am MST
Price: Free!

  • June 23rd – Make your own tree art!  Go on a hike to gather supplies.
    • Materials needed: A piece of paper, art supplies from nature, a handful of sticks that are similar in length (make sure they fit on a piece of paper), leaves, flowers, grass, glue/tape.
  • June 30th – Details coming soon!
  • July 7th – Make your own hummingbird feeder!
    • Materials needed: A Mason jar, or any bottle, with a lid that can have holes poked in it, a tool to safely poke holes in the lid, 2 cups of sugar, water and a way to boil it, and string to hang your bird feeder
  • July 14th – Details coming soon!
  • July 21st – Pressed Flower Art! Dry out some of your favorite flowers (2-4 weeks in advanced) and join us to create a beautiful work of art.
    • Material needed: Dry flowers, grass, leaves, mod podge or clear glue, paper (or whatever you want to press your flowers onto), books or plates (anything heavy to assist in flattening the flowers and access to a microwave (optional)
  • July 28th – Details coming soon!


Veteran Programs

Enjoy live streaming activities with other veterans and NSCD staff. Veteran programs will include fly fishing/fly tying techniques, cook outs, DIY activities, workouts, hiking/backpacking, and other adventure sports.  Other activities can be made available by request.

Participants must provide thier own gear for each activity. Special accommodations can be made to rent gear from NSCD. Please contact NSCD staff if a rental is needed.

Dates: Every Tuesday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm MST
Price: Free!

  • June 23rd -Bike Maintenence
    • Dust off your bikes and we will help you get them tuned up for the summer!
  • June 30th – Details coming soon!
  • July 7th – Details coming soon!
  • July 14th – Details coming soon!
  • July 21st – Details coming soon!
  • July 28th – Details coming soon!


NSCD Zone Workouts

Although we may not be able to get out and do our favorite NSCD outdoor activities, we can still use this time at home to get our bodies trained and prepared for the sports we love! The virtual workout program will be a 45 minute workout guided by an NSCD instructor built to be done with no specific equipment required, and to help train for the various recreation pursuits that NSCD offers throughout the year. Each week participants will be provided with a workout outline to keep and can join NSCD to learn and train for a range of sports including: Rock climbing, Skiing (Nordic/Alpine), Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Paddle sports, Archery/Shooting Sports and more!

When: Every Wednesday, | 10:00am – 11:00am MST
Price: Free!

  • June 24th – Hiking Workout.  No materials needed.
  • July 1st – Details coming soon!
  • July 8th – Details coming soon!
  • July 15th – Details coming soon!
  • July 22nd – Details coming soon!
  • July 29th – Details coming soon!


NSCD Olympics

Available for custom groups only! Activities that are designed to challenge participants in different ways! Examples include: Sailing – building a boat with supplies found at home. Paper Plate Ring Toss – cut the middle out of paper plates, paint (optional) and then tape a paper towel or two toilet paper rolls to the ground. Balloon Tennis – using 1 balloon, paper plates, and a stick.

Email [email protected] to schedule you custom group today!

Hanging with the Herd

Join the NSCD herd to learn all you have ever wanted to know about horses and horseback riding. We will explore all things horse including – horse care, feeding, tacking, grooming, various levels of riding, hoof trims with the farrier, and more. Chestnut, Cassie, Yogi, Blackie, Montana, Hawk, Moose and Touch will all be making an appearance along with other special guests. You will have to join us to find out who it will be each week! No equipment is needed.

When: Every Friday, starting May 22nd | 10:00am – 10:45am MST
Price: Free!

  • THURSDAY, June 25th – Meet Hawk and learn about horse mouth care. We’ll go for a virtual trail ride and play NSCD horse trivia.
  • THRUSDAY, July 2nd – Meet Touch and learn about other ranch animals. Learn about the Hunter Jumper world using indoor and outdoor jumps.
  • July 10th – Reunite with PJ. and learn what she has been up to since leaving the NSCD herd. Learn the difference between English and Western riding.
  • July 17th – Learn all you have ever wanted to know about llamas and goats!
  • July 24th – Details coming soon!
  • July 31st – Details coming soon!



Camp out at home inside or out, or in a spot where you get a signal for a zoom call. NSCD will help participants set up their camp virtually.  Bring your favorite camp games, light a fire, cook, have a hot dog roast and even Smores! Any camping gear participants have available will work for this activity. Adaptations include a tarp and string or just laying under the stars! A list of suggested camping items will be sent to you upon signing up for the activity.

When: Next Campout Date is TBD
Price: Free!


On-Demand Programming

Adaptive Workouts

Every week, the NSCD will post various workouts and exercises you can do to get moving and strong!

***Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Please consult your physician before beginning this or any other exercise program.
Any action in response to the instructions provided in this program is at user’s discretion. You should always warm up for a few minutes before beginning any workout and you should never exercise beyond the level at which you feel comfortable.
If at anytime you feel you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities, or you feel discomfort, you must discontinue exercise immediately and reconsider your use of this program.
The user assumes all risk of injury in the use of this program and the equipment used to perform its workouts.

Dice Exercise: Amaris, one of our winter program inters, shows us an exercise we can do at home using a 6-sided dice.

Dance Cardio Routine: One of our winter program interns, Leah, puts together a dance cardio workout that you can do at home. Have fun!

Exercises for Good Posture: Steven, one of our Program Supervisors, shows us various exercises we can do to help facilitate good posture. Practice these exercises while watching TV, reading or working on your computer. Your spine and core will thank you!

ABC Exercise: Amaris shows us a fun ABC workout! Spell out your name, your favorite animal, favorite movie and so much more!

Basic Moves: Steven shows us some basic moves that we can do to help us get off the couch and get moving!

Outdoor Obstacle Course: Steven shows us some moves and ways that we can create our own outdoor agility obstacle course! Have fun!

5×5 Workout: Mike demonstrates a 5 x 5 workout! Enjoy!

Prepare for Archery: Join us for a workout tailored to prepare you for the sport of Archery!

Rock Climbing Workout: Mike guides us through a workout to prepare our bodies for Rock Climbing!

Paddle Sports Workout: Mike guides us through a workout to prepare our bodies for paddle sports such as stand-up paddle boarding, rafting, kayaking and so much more!

Parkour Workout: Mike shows us a workout to prepare for parkour!

Tech Talks

Tune in every Tuesday to learn about various equipment and tools the NSCD uses in programs.

Climbing Rope: Mike talks about climbing rope and its function, features and other interesting facts.

Climbing Protection: Mike talks about different climbing techniques and protection.

Figure 8 Knots: Mike shows us how to tie a figure 8 knot using climbing rope. This type of tie is critical for rock climbing!

Carabiners: Mike shows us all the functions and types of carabiners that are used in various adventurous and outdoor activities, especially rock climbing!

Rock Climbing Draws: Mike talks to us about climbing draws and teaches us how to make our own Alpine draw. Check it out!

Rock Climbing Shoes: Mike talks to us about different rock climbing shoes and their specific functions and qualities!

Sleeping Pads: Steven talks to us about the different types of sleeping pads used for camping!

Belaying and Belay Devices: Mikes talks to us about belaying and belay devices used in rock climbing.

Water Purification: Learn about how to filter and purify your water while you go exploring and camping!

Rock Climbing Harnesses: Mike shows us different types of rock climbing harnesses and their different functions and features.

Other Activities

Work From Home & Learn From Home Tips and Tricks

Cooking Recipe: Homemade Granola

Scavenger Hunt

NSCD Word Search – Advanced

NSCD Word Search – Beginner

Cooking Recipe: Eggs in a Basket

Create Your Own Mask

Coloring Pages

NSCD Bingo

Rainbow Art

Storytime: “Stellaluna” by Janell Cannon

30-Day Journaling Challenge

Environmental Outreach

Leaf Sketching & Recording: Check out this fun activity that one of our Program Supervisors, Steven, has provided for us! On your next walk or adventure outside, pick up a couple of leaves and bring them back home to try to identify the species.

Get Outside & Get Creative: Steven shows us an arts & crafts project that we can do by collecting items either from your backyard, outside or in the woods! Check it out and share with us your final creations.

Leave No Trace Campfires: While camping and exploring the woods and outdoors it is very important to follow leave no trace practices to help preserve the beautiful outdoors! Steven shows us how to build a campfire while minimizing the environmental impact of your surroundings. As a reminder, please follow all local fire restrictions and always choose a safe location to build your fire.

Build a Live Terrarium: Steven shows us how to build and create our own Terrarium! Have fun and share with us your terrariums by posting a photo to your social media and tag the NSCD!

Safe Surfaces: Steven goes through another leave no trace principle; how to camp and explore on durable surfaces properly and safely.

Soothing Sounds, Mindfulness and Meditation

Slip away from reality and leave your anxiety behind while quieting your mind and relaxing your body.  During these sessions we will explore our basic ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not being overwhelmed by the world around us. No equipment needed, just a quiet place either indoors or outdoors.

Science Experiments

Join the NSCD team and special guests each week to explore the world of science that surrounds us. We will do science experiments with everyday objects and ingredients found in your home. Together we will learn about physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and more! A minimal list of equipment will be provided prior to each experiment.