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General Sports


Experience the world of adaptive sports first-hand by helping the NSCD run a variety of sports programs. Most of these activities will be held in camp or clinic-type settings. Some of the sports programs that you can help facilitate are:

  • Target Sports: Archery, Golf
  • Combat Sports: Fencing, Boxing
  • Team Sports: Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Football, Rugby and much more
  • NSCD Moves!: 1 hour adaptive workout session
  • NSCD Ninja Warrior: Adaptive Ninja Warrior style obstacle course
  • NSCD Zone: Variety of the above activities

No experience is required for any of these volunteer activities, as volunteers are taught the basic skills they need to know to host rotating stations and otherwise assist that day. The sport we practice may even change that day, depending on the interests of the participants. Being enthusiastic, physically active, able to follow directions and willing to cheer on our participants are the only requirements to be a volunteer for these programs!

Schedule: Year-round

Location: Various locations in the Denver metro area


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