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When a person with disabilities reimagines how they define themselves, it changes their life. At the National Sports Center for the Disabled, we don’t focus on what a person can’t do. We discover the drive within a competitive skier. The joy felt by a first-time kayaker. The pride and zest for life that bubbles over when a sheer rock wall is climbed, the confidence when a slope of knee-deep powder is conquered, and the new friendships formed as a river raft has been navigated through white waters.

  • We help people with disabilities feel powerful, vibrant and full of life.
  • We help them embrace the great outdoors as a welcoming, exhilarating playground.
  • We help communities see beyond stereotypes and misperceptions.
  • We help families and friends realize activities they can all do together.
  • Where others say, “It can’t be done”, we relish the chance to say, “We can make it happen.”
  • We know that every person has unique abilities. And we believe there are endless possibilities for making the most of them.

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From the mountains to the city, we provide over 7,300 lessons to participants annually.