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Special Events

Volunteer at NSCD special events and be part of an unforgettable experience! From fundraising to community celebrations, you’ll help create magical moments for athletes with disabilities. Join us to support, cheer, and make a real difference, all while having a blast at these featured events! Volunteer Opportunity Date Location Application Burger Fest August 1 Denver,… read more

Winter Volunteers

Join the NSCD this winter and be part of thrilling snow adventures! As a volunteer, you’ll assist individuals with disabilities in skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports, fostering a sense of independence and achievement. Whether it’s guiding a visually impaired skier down the mountain or helping someone conquer their fear of the snow, your support… read more

Summer Volunteers

Volunteering with the National Sports Center for the Disabled this summer lets you empower athletes with disabilities through exciting activities like kayaking, cycling, and rock climbing. Join us to make a difference, foster inclusivity, and experience the joy of adaptive sports! Volunteer Opportunity Location Application Air Riffle Golden, CO VOLUNTEER Archery Golden, CO Fly Fishing… read more